Jacquie Fauter-MacConnell
Once upon a time, I was an Art Director and a Graphic Designer. I even won a Cleo for one of my designs 🏆 That was a proud moment. When I retired from that profession, my new career was that of a Full-Time-Even-Prouder-Mom of 💙💙💙remarkable boys and all the joys and sacrifices that come along with it. My boys are now 26, 23 and 20 🙀
Five years ago, my sister introduced me to a direct selling company called It Works! I had never heard of it before, nor had I ever entertained the idea of getting involved in one of “those types" of businesses. I only joined to support her, thinking all along it was some get rich "Pyramid Scheme". But because she was my sister, I trusted that she knew what she was doing. I was going through a divorce at the time and struggling with what I would do in this next phase of my life. I began the It Works journey slowly and skeptically only to have my misconceptions completely proven wrong.
Fast forward to now… Yes, I AM that Crazy Wrap Girl! I will NEVER apologize for being an It Works girl! 💚 In fact, i’m 100% proud of what I do. I AM proud to wear the gear. I AM proud to share the products and I AM proud to give this GIFT to others.
And.... this, my friends, is coming from one that was once HUGELY skeptical (I mean… Come on!! How can That Crazy Wrap do that? Oh, and it MUST be one of those Pyramid schemes!!)
I’ve been fitness driven and a healthy choices fanatic, since high school. Taking care of me and my body is TOP PRIORITY. In fact, I schedule my day around my workouts. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that these products actually DO WORK and that one can earn an income through sharing their own passion?!
It Works! has changed my perception of Direct Sales and enhanced my life, both physically and financially. And the added bonus of working alongside my sister, as well as the new friendships I’ve gained, has opened up an entire new chapter in my story. Owning my own business, while being a part of a family of like minded men and women, has been so rewarding, impactful, and more fulfilling than I had ever thought possible! 💚 I am an It Works-lifer and can’t wait to see how far this journey takes me.
Are you ready to join me? Perhaps give it a trial run. Nothing to lose, yet so much to gain.

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